The Sprucewoods Snowdrifters is a non-profit snowmobile club that has been around for more than 25 years and is a member of Snoman Inc. As of today we have approximately 40 active members of various ages. We are funded by sponsorship, fundraisers and a small percentage of revenue from grooming the trails. We also highly depend on our devoted volunteers to insure our organization thrives.

We have been hard at work on improving our existing shelters, fixing and buying new groomers, and putting on great derbies to increase our ability to thrive as a club. We frequently organize “Work Bees” throughout the year which include sprucing up our existing 3 shelters, cutting wood, cleaning the shelters, painting and taping the stakes for the trails, groomer maintenance, groomer repairs, and the list never ends.

Our club’s mission is to insure the safety of snowmobilers and their families, by providing safe trails to ride on, warm up shelters and training to the public.